Worship on ice


We had a great day at St Michael’s as a temporary ice rink was installed inside the church space for a free community event. Plenty of young people and adults as well had fun slipping and sliding on the synthetic ice, trying to hold on to the side and each other for balance. Pop music was blaring from speakers and hot chocolate was being served by the amazing local YMCA. All of this happening in the setting of a beautiful 19th century church.

I am not sure that people had this in mind when they built the church over 150 years ago but it’s such a great way to use our church space for the community and I was thrilled by the number who turned out, many of whom had never ice skated before.

In the morning we had a short time of worship to bless the ice rink. Our bible reading was the story of Jesus walking on water and Peter stepping out of the boat to join Jesus. It seemed a very apt reading somehow. Many of us had a similar experience to Peter as we tried to skate but quickly fell down and landed on the cold floor. Peter tried to emulate Jesus. He had the faith and the nerve to get out of the boat even though his endeavour ended with a soaking.

Watching people young and old whirl around the ice I loved the fact that everyone was having a go despite how good they were and the majority it seemed were helping each other; picking each other up, holding hands and watching out for each other. It was a great demonstration of community.

We all need to step out in faith and act despite our fears and best excuses. We all need the help of others in this but most importantly we need to rely on God whom we can depend on. I am glad that we were able to use the church building for the glory of God as it was built to be used and we were able to do something new and different that attracted people and brought them together.

I hope that we can continue to find new ways of enabling people to step out in faith and begin their risk taking journey with God.

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