Our Rule of Life


At St Michael’s we have adopted a ‘Rule of Life’, which we are encouraging members of the Church to commit to. This rule reflects what is important to us as a Church. It is designed to help us grow as followers of Christ and members of Christ’s body, the Church. Like a road map or an App on your phone it’s there to be a helpful guide to us that we can refer to as a community and use in our daily life. It’s a reminder to us that we are not just a ‘Sunday’ Church but a 7 day a week Church called to live out our faith day to day.

“A Rule of Life is a set of principles and practices we build into the rhythm of our daily lives, helping us to deepen our relationship with God and to serve Him more faithfully. If Creeds are what we believe and Christ is why we believe, a Rule is how we seek to live out that faith, day to day as disciples in the power of the Holy Spirit.” (P.Greig)

For each of the key principles we want you to think of ways you can make them apart of your life or think of ways you can support the Church in its goals and encourage others. It’s important that you personalize the rule so that it works for you. On Easter Sundaywe will invite you to join us in making a commitment to the rule. Don’t worry if you think this isn’t for you. It isn’t compulsory and you may not find this useful.

Pray and live with the Bible

We are called to pray and study God’s word

We commit to praying for our world, our communities and each other and to look for opportunities in our week when we can do this.

We commit to regularly reading the Bible, on our own and together. We look for opportunities where we can study the Bible together, share our stories and ask questions.

Love God, Love Neighbours

We are called to be available to God and to others, especially those outside the Church.

 We pledge to worship God together on Sundays when we can and to make space and time for God in our daily lives.

 We commit to look for opportunities to meet together and for us to be a visible presence in the community.

 We will take risks, be creative and encourage each other in sharing our faith. We pledge to be generous and loving to those we find difficult to love.

Give invitations and provide welcome

We are called to be a community where there is always room for more..

We commit to regularly inviting people and being attentive to visitors, strangers and those we don’t know. We look to meet people where they are, not just expect them to come to us.

Love Byker, Love the World

We are called to be a Local and a Global Church.

We pledge to be with our community in Byker and where we live, to listen, learn and speak out where there is injustice.

 We commit to working and praying with other Churches in the area.

We commit to caring for the environment and being attentive to how God’s Creation is being used.

As an international community, we pledge to hear each other stories and pray for our families around the world.


We are called to give generously and use our resources well

We commit to regularly giving financially what we can to the Church.

 We pledge to use our gifts, talents and time in order to enable the Church to engage with the community.