Prayer Cycle

We have a regular Prayer Cycle with suggestions for Prayer for each day of the month for Byker and the Wider Community.

Byker Prayer Cycle

  1. The Cross Cafe
  2. Balmoral Court
  3. The Boy’s Brigade
  4. The Stags Head Pub
  5. The Home Group
  6. MINE churches
  7. The Music Group
  8. Hoults Yard
  9. The Church Garden
  10. Shops and offices
  11. The clergy of Byker
  12. The Community Centre
  13. Lonely people in Byker
  14. Businesses
  15. The church building and funding
  16. Kensington Lodge
  17. All churches in Byker
  18. Byker Primary School
  19. Cafes
  20. All who use the church
  21. Neighbourliness
  22. The Church Wardens
  23. The Merchants Tavern Pub
  24. Carers and those they care for
  25. St Lawrence R.C. Primary School
  26. The Community Trust
  27. The Byker Pantry
  28. Our worship and discipleship
  29. A safe community
  30. That we may encourage leaders
  31. Our work with young people

The wider community

  1. All in positions of authority
  2. Government and parliament
  3. Places of learning
  4. Victims of prejudice and intolerance
  5. People who feel alone and friendless
  6. The earth’s fragile resources
  7. Social services
  8. Farmers and fishermen
  9. Firefighters
  10. The medical and healing professions
  11. People affected by natural disasters
  12. Aid agencies and charities
  13. People whose work is unsatisfying
  14. Artists and musicians
  15. Refugees and asylum seekers
  16. Commerce and industry
  17. Prisoners and prison staff
  18. All who feel hopeless
  19. The very young and the very old
  20. People who work with the very young
  21. People who work with the very old
  22. Leaders of all faiths
  23. The media
  24. Victims of crime
  25. The criminal justice system
  26. Homeless people
  27. Victims of war and terrorism
  28. The police
  29. All who are unemployed
  30. Any who suffer bullying
  31. Victims of domestic abuse